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In 1984, Georgia Peach, Inc. was founded in New Jersey as a small trucking company by its owner Chris Behrens.  His goal was to increase the operation targeting the flatbed transportation of general freight. Initially that was successful but competition from the deregulation of the trucking industry put many owner operators at the bottom of the food chain, including Georgia Peach.  That era led to the concept of specialized hauling, something that was more profitable and satisfied the need for delivering specialty concrete materials to job sites and residential construction.

Direct Shipment to the Customer

Initially a walking knuckle boom was attached to a flatbed trailer which gave customers a new found capability of job site delivery and placing materials at the curb line.  It was now possible to bypass the usual delivery of freight to the dealer and then redeliver to the customers location. Direct shipment from the manufacturer to the job was born.  Dealers became happy not having to handle and store materials and the customers were happy because it gave quicker deliveries with less damage.  In the early 1990's Georgia Peach moved its flatbed trucking company to Florida and grew to a fleet of six trucks comprised of its own equipment and owner operators all using walking knuckle booms.  

For nearly ten years Georgia Peach delivered concrete roof tile and concrete paving stones to residential and commercial sites throughout south Florida.  During that time customers became more challenged with getting materials into inaccessible places with a long trailer with its self unloader .  They were looking to increase their productivity where workers could have the materials they had to work with close at hand.  Having to move materials around a work site required additional man hours and lengthened completion times.  At that time, forklifts attached to straight trucks and trailers were still in their infancy.  Sod haulers were mostly recognized for their use but their ability to handle rough terrain and different soil conditions hindered them from doing much else.  In the mid 1990's Teledyne and other manufacturers introduced an all wheel powered Piggyback forklift that attached to the back of a truck.  This revolutionized job site delivery and Chris was quick to see its future.  There were practically no boundaries with what and where materials could be placed.  Up until 2000 Chris ran his company in south Florida.  The secret of the piggyback forklift transport services was unleashed and once again competition hindered the company's growth.

Georgia Peach Moves North

Moving back north to Pennsylvania and bringing the secret of the Piggyback forklift with him he found an untapped market of small businesses and manufacturers that were able to increase their output and profit by offering job site delivery.  Today these customers have become reliant on that service and are keeping in step with their competitors.  

All our customers are small to medium sized operations.  Today small businesses and contractors are not likely to contract with a large fleet truck shipper due to the high cost and the inability to have a close relationship with their management.  Georgia Peach Inc. has filled a void that caters to the small guy and his pocket book.  Presently Georgia Peach, Inc. services dozens of small companies giving them the edge that their larger competitors have.

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