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A wide array of building materials using direct shipment from the manufacturer and placed close to their point of installation saves time by eliminating man hours to move them multiple times.  Construction MaterialsBuilding material delivery is no challenge for our forklift service over various and challenging terrains. Some locations make it impossible for workers to carry materials to the placed to be installed but the Teledyne all wheel drive overcomes that problem.

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Georgia Peach Extras

  • Load Flexibility +

    Our full length 45 foot trailer accommodates most any type of load.
  • Direct Shipments +

    Delivery direct to your door reduces supply chain risk.
  • Dependable Service +

    Georgia Peach has been serving customers consistently since 1984.
  • Piggyback Forklift +

    Our powerful Princeton forklift can lift up to 5000 pounds vertically.
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