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Forklift Delivery ServiceGeorgia Peach forged a trend in freight transportation over 20 years ago as one of the few flatbed truck companies handling direct shipment of a wide range of cargo suited for open frame flat bed transport.  Most flatbed shipping companies lack the ability to make a delivery where no off loading equipment is available. We load directly at the manufacturer and then go straight to the destination where we close the loop with unloading services right at the customer’s door – no loading dock needed!

Isolated locations are no obstacle.  Consider us your third party logistics partner and rely on us to arrange pick up and delivery times, directions, and any special needs for direct shipments right to your customer.  The hassle of phone calls, text messages or e-mails to coordinate a delivery disappears. We handle everything, leaving you time to pursue other tasks - there is no baby sitting involved!

Specialized Hauling

You just got a call from one of your important customers. Their assembly line is down and they need a complete motor assembly delivered and they have no off loading capability.  Time is ticking away and your customer is counting on you.  The rush is on to find transport services that will deliver on short notice. The next challenge is finding and coordinating a forklift service that can provide off loading capability.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? This is the point at which we make all of those problems dissolve.

Georgia Peach can haul just about any flatbed load and we carry our own piggyback forklift that handles your precious cargo with kid gloves.  Make us your choice for a freight trucking company for your customers in the northeast United States for all kinds of cargo.

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Georgia Peach Extras

  • Load Flexibility +

    Our full length 45 foot trailer accommodates most any type of load.
  • Direct Shipments +

    Delivery direct to your door reduces supply chain risk.
  • Dependable Service +

    Georgia Peach has been serving customers consistently since 1984.
  • Piggyback Forklift +

    Our powerful Princeton forklift can lift up to 5000 pounds vertically.
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